UWS Release Notes

0.3.6 Beta

Updated features:

  • C# applications could now install universal windows services, see our example of installation for further information

  • simple watching applications has been added, therefore the CrashMonitor class was added

  • now more triggers are available, these are a weekly, a server and a on service start trigger

  • a new simple configuration tool which is dialog based was added

  • 'applications' could now be configured with a method tag which allows the service to invoke methods in .NET assemblies or other libraries with different arguments

0.1.1 Alpha

Currently implemented:

  • log4net logging interface is used

  • one time trigger, interval trigger, daily trigger, cron trigger start and stop trigger are available

  • global triggers could be configured

  • executable settings: path, console line arguments, working directory, window style and number of instances starting

  • simple installation and control program (console application)