UWS Roadmap

If you want to get an overview which parts are already finished and released see the release notes page.

Release v1.0

All primary functionality which should be contained in version 1.0 are stored here.

The software package is splitted into three different parts. Firstly the windows service by itself which contains all service functionality and available configuration settings. The second part includes the install and uninstall functionality. Finally the last part contains a configuration GUI which could be implemented in different ways, like a console application, a windows dialog or a web interface.

Service Functionality

All functionalities for the universal windows service by itself are listed here.

  • Read settings from simple XML file
  • The service load all configuration settings from a simple XML file whithin its working directory.

  • Logging functionality
  • Different logging functionalities should be provided such as log to file, data base, email, event log or net send.

  • Start events
  • All possible start events called triggers are listed below:

    • Daily trigger

    • Weekly trigger

    • Monthly trigger

    • One time trigger

    • Interval trigger

    • Cron trigger

    • Trigger which fires when specified monitor actions occure

    • Trigger which fires when service was started

    • Trigger which fires when service would stop

  • Start executable with different parameters
  • If an start event was reached the configured executable could be stated with different parameters. For example you could specify some console line arguments, a working directory, number of instances which will be started every time a start event is reached or the window style.

  • Invoke method in assembly with given simple arguments
  • If an start event was reached the configured method could be invoked with different parameters. Only path, arguments and method field are important. Other tags would be ignored. A monitor section is also redundant because there is no application to watch.

  • Watch configured executables
  • The service should watch all configured applications and provide different reactions on different application states. Monitoring configured applications should also include executing several user scripts which allow more flexibility.

    Provided actions should be: restarting the application, stop or kill it or only inform the user about its status.

Install / Uninstall Functionality

Functionalities which will be provide during installation and uninstallation are listed below.

  • Installation directory
  • The user could enter the installation directory where all files will be copied to.

  • Configure services
  • When all files are copied the user should be able to configure different universal windows servies which all using the same executable file.

  • Stop service during uninstall phase
  • If the user uninstall UWS all running services should be stopped and deleted.

Graphical User Interface

The configuration GUI should provide different functionalities. They are stored here.

  • List installed services
  • The GUI should be able to list all installed universal windows services and their states.

  • Control service
  • Each service could be started, stopped, paused and continued or send custom commands from this GUI.

  • Change configuration
  • The GUI should provide functionalities to change the configuration of the service. Not only settings in the configuration file should be possible also changing the logon information of the service like logon account, starting type and so on should be possible.

Release v2.0

The functionalities listed below are only planned for version 2.0 but not yet coded. If you want to get an overview which parts are already finished and released see the release notes page.

Service Functionality

  • Read settings form another sources
  • The service should be able to read configuration settings also from another XML file which will be linked in the simple XML file within working directory. Another sources are a web interface or a data base.

  • Additional start events
    • Trigger which fires when an application was started

    • Trigger which fires when an application was stopped

  • Watch configured applications
  • The service should provide an interface which allows C# applications to implement a class to send status messages to universal windows service which are more detailed than process informations.

Install / Uninstall Functionality

  • Configure services
  • During install phase the user should be not only able to configure the service but also configure whole application settings which would be stored in configuration file.

Graphical User Interface

  • Change configuration
  • Not only service settings could be changed but already whole application settings could be changed.

  • Trigger service
  • The user should be able to trigger an universal windows service to do some extra work like starting or stopping a configured application immediately or reload configuration settings.